About SOS Wildlife Control

SOS Wildlife Control has been providing Markham with exceptional services in the City of Markham and all throughout the GTA over the course of many years. From raccoons and bats to skunks, SOS Wildlife Control delivers results when dealing with wildlife removal humanely, professionally and effectively for residential, commercial and industrial customers. A customized action plan, specified to your situation begins with a thorough inspection conducted by our wildlife control technicians. Entry-point and potential entry-points are identified followed by safe and humane wildlife removal.

Humane Treatment of Wildlife

At SOS Wildlife Control, despite the unwelcome presence of raccoons and squirrels in our attics and garages believe that wildlife should be treated with dignity and respect. The increase of wildlife to urban areas is heavily contributed by human activity in their natural habitats. Years of deforestation plays in to fact as a reason why wildlife like raccoons are becoming more and more evident in our cities. These adaptive species are drawn to safe and comfortable living spaces with available food source.

Although they can be nuisances for homeowners and property owners alike, they simply are doing what is necessary for their own survival and therefore should be treated humanely. Our best course of action is to while conducting humane methods, educate ourselves more about wildlife behaviour to help us understand as we all try to solve wildlife-human conflicts.

Our Mission

SOS Wildlife Control Inc. was established in 2013 with the purpose of helping homeowners, property owners, commercial and industrial customers in solving their wildlife problems humanely, professionally and effectively. Our technicians have over 10 years of experience in wildlife removal services and have been conducting jobs all throughout the City of Markham, Toronto and the GTA.  Delivering the results you need by providing humane solutions is our priority. Solving wildlife problems humanely from property to property is one solution to combating wildlife intrusions, but a long-term plan begins with the understanding and education of wildlife and the wildlife-human conflict.

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