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Groundhog getting to you?

Groundhogs have been a common complaint in areas throughout Ontario, with issues that consist of ruining gardens, landscapes and crops. They are mostly found burrowed under sheds or decks causing structural damages, chewed electrical wires irrigation systems and more.

How SOS Wildlife Control Can Help

SOS Wildlife Control technicians provide groundhog removal solutions for residential, commercial and industrial properties. Upon arrival, SOS Wildlife Control technicians will do a thorough inspection and provide a customized solution for your unique groundhog removal issue. We deliver humane, professional and effective result in accordance with Ontario rules and regulations. Once the groundhog entry-points, main entry-points and potential entry-points are found, the most appropriate removal method is put in action with the option for prevention services. The most common method is with a live groundhog trap. the animal is baited into the trap with vegetables, once inside they are relocated to a suitable area, no more than 1 kilometer from where found. To avoid another animal using the burrow it is recommended to have wildlife prevention services on your property to prevent any further digging and unwanted guests.

Common ProblemsSOS Wildlife Control

  • Possible damages to building structures
  • Groundhogs getting into your gardens and sheds
  • Leaving messes and droppings on your property
  • Burrowing in your yard

In certain circumstances, we conduct trapping solutions for wildlife removal issues. This is only enforced when the animal is in the immediate vicinity and must be removed right there and then. All trapping methods conducted by SOS Wildlife Control are in accordance is Ontario rules and regulations. When trapping wildlife, the animal is released in the general vicinity of the place found. Relocation is only used if necessary as when wildlife are moved they are often disoriented with no known source of food and water. Never are wildlife relocated to an area exceeding 1 km. All processes are humane and by Ontario regulation standards.

About Groundhogs

Groundhogs, also known as Woodchucks are part of a family of mammals called Sciuridae (along with squirrel and marmots). As mentioned above, these little guys can cause problems for property owners for many reasons. They dig and burrow under structures which can be a nuisance for some

Groundhogs breed once they’ve reach their second year. Once a female groundhog is pregnant, there is a gestation period of about a month. When they are born (usually in the spring months), the young groundhog is fully dependent on their mother for guidance who encourage their young to mimic their behavior. Once the groundhog is independent (around August), they break apart to find their own shelter.

A groundhog’s diet consists mostly of crops and berries but will also eat insects and snails.