How to Keep Raccoons Away From Your House

With their ringed, thick tails, and charming propensity for flushing their sustenance in water before eating, raccoons are a different breed altogether. Regardless of their engaging looks and insight, raccoons (Procyon lotor) are wild creatures that can bite if teased, may transmit rabies or parasites and might harm your home and property. On the off chance that raccoons are visiting your house, it’s best to take steps to drive raccoons far from your property.

Keep Raccoons Away From Your House

Step by step instructions to Repel Raccoons From Your House

Having raccoons around your yard is irritating and ruinous. However, it is nothing contrasted with what raccoons can do in the event that they go into your home. The harm caused by raccoons can be serious and to a great degree exorbitant to settle — also the risks that they pose to your wellbeing, with youngsters being the most effectively exposed.

Raccoons are sharp animals they can rapidly discover a way into your home. You ought to frequently check your home, search for potential feeble focuses and immediately settle them.

These are the most imperative things to focus on:

Vents and fan openings

These are an all-time raccoon favorite. Nothing is more agreeable and simple for getting inside your home than an ineffectively ensured gap in your walls. Standard screens by and large are bad insurance since raccoons can without much of a stretch destroy them. We propose you to secure your vents and fan openings with overwhelming obligation steel screens that are sufficiently solid to oppose any raccoon’s endeavor to soften up.


As on account of vents and fan openings, your chimney is a lovely welcome to raccoon’s to make another lair. For this situation, it is sufficient to introduce a steel stack top to deal with the issue. Before establishment, in any case, check ventilation directions in your general vicinity so as not to obstruct your chimney’s efficiency.

Tree limbs neighboring your home

Since raccoons are great climbers, tree limbs that reach out over your home make the ideal passage into your home. Once the raccoon is on your rooftop, nothing is simpler than to review each corner until the point when he finds a path in. Trim back tree branches frequently to keep them sufficiently far from your home.


The rooftop ought to consistently be assessed. Raccoons are more grounded than many individuals might suspect. At times, they can tear separate shingles and wooden material. A little hole around the overhang or where the divider meets the rooftop is sufficient for a raccoon’s apt fingers to remove siding or wood boards. On the off chance that you discover any of these frail focuses, settle them utilizing substantial obligation siding, strong wood, and a few screws to secure them solidly.


At the point when a raccoon is searching for another cave, the territory under your deck is a helpful place to locate a calm, dull and dry haven. As you can envision, you have to hinder any entrance to this range. The most straightforward arrangement is to ensure the passageway with wire work that must be covered no less than one foot hidden.

Cat or dog door

This may sound evident yet it’s regularly neglected by all. Similarly, as your pets can serenely go into and leave your home through these little entryways, so can a raccoon — and he doesn’t have to search for an opening or climb onto your rooftop to do it! Continuously bolt your cat or dog door during the night.