Markham Wild Moose Chase 2017

Residents of Markham city, Ontario, Canada, on Friday November 24, 2017, got an unanticipated sojourn from a moose.With the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, the York Regional Police was also called to Markham, near Buttonville Airport, where this incident was reported.

It is assumed that the moose might have traveled to Markham along the river passageways from the areas where moose population could be found like, Gravenhurst, near the Kawartha Highlands Park north of Peterborough, Bracebridge, Minden, or the southwest edge of Algonquin Provincial Park.

The frightened moose, trying to find its way back home, ran through the densely crowded residential areas of the city. The animal dashed itself through highways and backyards followed by helicopters.

The MNR and other experts were trying to incarcerate the moose and send it back to the forest. They started by trying to find the moose and tranquilize it. This would make their captive attempt easy. But ultimately, the moose found its way into the woods. It was not seen during the dark, hence, the people assumed that after a long-running day, the moose must have taken shelter somewhere. For the safety of the animal and the people in and around the city, it was important to catch the moose, but the search was called off as the light began to fade.

It was believed that the moose has found a safer place for itself. The search, by the police and other forest experts, was not resumed over the weekend, but they were ready to step in, if required.

According to one of the residents of Markham, it was very exciting to have seen a moose around the city. They have had deer, bear, and foxes, but a moose was never one of the visitors.It was an unusual site. The social media was overload with the excitement. Some over-reads were: “Dear rest of the world, it’s Canada, we’re a little preoccupied right now.” Another tweet said, “Dear USA, this is our OJ Simpson Chase. Sincerely, Every Canadian.”

Everyone was actually on the road, chasing the rare creature, when the police warned the people to back off as this chase could be dangerous for both – the animal and the people. The later was asked to stop chasing it, but inform the police and ministry if spotted the animal.

Facts About Moose

If you spot a moose close to a residential area, it is important to take care of yourself. This is best possible if you know about this animal.

Moose Chase

Moose are the largest members of the deer family. They suffer from heat, but can tolerate cold well. They live close to lakes, ponds, and streams of water in the forest. Their main food consists of young shoots and leaves. The name ‘moose’ means ‘twig eater’.

  • Moose is a very powerful swimmer within days of birth
  • Baby moose grows very fast, and a 5-day old moose has the capacity to outrun a person
  • The lifespan of a moose is about 20 years
  • The eyesight of moose is poor, but they have good sense of smell and hearing
  • Average weight of a male moose is over 550 kg, and female is over 400 kg
  • Largest known modern deer was discovered in 1897. It was an Alaskan moose weighing about 816 kg and 7 feet 8 inches in height at the shoulders
  • While protecting their young ones, the female moose is reported to kill more people in Canada than any other animal
  • Male moose shed their antlers every year
  • Moose live in places that have snow cover in winter
  • A moose can kick in any direction with its front feet

Warning Signs

Moose aren’t aggressive or afraid of humans, but if provoked, they can be dangerous.Similar behavior, like other animals, is seen in mother moose when it comes to their young ones. They defend them and their habitats if they feel threatened.It is less likely to outrun a moose. Even when they seem to look tired and slow,sensing danger can make them run at a speed of up to 30 mph.

If you come across a moose, leave it alone. While attacking an opponent, moose use their hoofs and full body weight to knock him down and mangle him.If they come close to humans, there could be two possible reasons: to warn you to leave their area; or maybe they want you to offer them some food. Either of the two is not a good idea. The best possible way for you is to run away and hide behind a tree or a building for safety.

It is very important to understand the behavior of moose in order to be safe. These deer family creatures can get aggressive at any time of the year. Studying their body language can also hint about the warning signs.

  • Moose show the whites of their eyes
  • They stop eating and gaze at you
  • Just like a horse, they whisk their head back
  • Set their ears back and elevate the hair on their neck or hips
  • Lick their lips
  • Walk towards you
  • Urinate

If you observe any of these signs from moose, run and find shelter. Sometimes, none of these signs are seen and the moose attack without warning.If you are attacked unwarned, try to curl up in an absolute motionless posture. Do not move until the animal goes away from you.

Practice Moose Safety

Usual moose habitat is the forest; and if you happen to see them either in the forest or city, keep in mind the following points for your own safety.

  • Generally, a moose is timid in nature. But if senses danger, it can get aggressive and attack. Give the moose their space. Do not try to get close to them.
  • Do not feed a moose.If they don’t get enough quantity, they attack people around.
  • Moose usually baffle dogs for wolves which prey on other animals. Hence, keep your dog away from them.
  • Do not interrupt a mother moose and her baby calf.
  • If a moose crosses your road while driving, let it cross; else it may attack your car.
  • Making loud noise, or chasing a moose may trigger their aggression.
  • If you see a moose running towards you, run and hide behind a tree or a building to protect yourself.

The best way to circumvent moose attack is to keep low and not allow them to become aggressive.

OS – Markham Wildlife Removal

Markham, like many other places around the GTA, is a home to all kinds of wildlife animals. Therefore, safety and precautionary measures are very important for both – humans and the wildlife creatures.

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