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SOS Wildlife Control has been providing sections of York Region like Newmarket with wildlife removal and prevention for many years. Residences as well as commercial and industrial areas of Newmarket are common areas for people to experience wildlife intrusions.

SOS Wildlife Control Inc. conducts humane methods ensuring that strategies set in place for wildlife removal are safe and effective. The preferred method of wildlife removal is through exclusion and prevention, both of which are provided by SOS Wildlife Control.

SOS Wildlife Control Provides:

Newmarket Raccoon Removal
Newmarket Squirrel Removal
Newmarket Skunk Removal
Newmarket Bat Removal
Newmarket Bird Removal
Newmarket Opossum Removal
Newmarket Groundhog Removal
Newmarket Pest Control Services

If you are in Aurora and you are looking for wildlife and pest control assistance, give us a call today for humane, professional and effective solutions.

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