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Rat Problems?

Rats on your property are a difficult situation to bear with, from leaving droppings on the floor to creating holes and damages to structures as well as belongings. Rats are nuisance pests who have long been finding their way into residential, commercial and industrial properties making it difficult for property owners to deal with. Rats have the ability to breed increasing their population in a given area by large numbers in a short period of time, making it beneficial to deal with immediately once a rat problem is recognized.

How SOS Wildlife Control Can Help

SOS Wildlife Control provides effective and safe rat removal solutions for your property. Booking with SOS Wildlife Control begins with a thorough inspection of the property, identifying evidence of rat activity. Once the problem areas are located, SOS Wildlife Control Inc. technicians develop a customized solution to your specific rat removal problem. Dealing with rat removal on your own can be dangerous and costly. Improper rat removal can risk somebody getting injured. SOS Wildlife Control ensures that during all procedures conducted during the rat removal process, that caution is exercised and precautions are taken for your safety.

Common Problems

  • Causes damages to property
  • Leaving behind droppings and other messes
  • Causing potential health risks
  • Contamination of food for humans and pets
  • Short gestation period, quickly increasing populations

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