Reasons Why You Need Professional Animal Removal

Some wild animals, found closer to human habitats, enter to our homes, basically for easy access to food, water, and protection. They could be cute and watched from a distance; but having them in or letting them occupy the house is not a good idea.The most common ones are squirrels, skunks, raccoons, rats, bats, and birds; and their favorite hideouts in the house could be the basements or attics. Despite all preventive measures, these can enter the house. And the worst part is when you aren’t able to find them inside; later a foul smell indicates their whereabouts.

Wild animals, dead or alive, tend to transfer harmful diseases and bacteria. They not only cause damage to the walls, floors, and ceilings; but also humans. Some of these bacteria can also be transferred into the air, which could create health problems. Before the issues turns big, get rid of the animals. It is highly advisable to get some professional help here.

Let Us Take a Few Examples Here:

# What if you have a RACCOON inside the house?

Professional Animal Removal
The reason why a raccoon enters the house is a common one – easy access to food and shelter. Inside the house, the favorite place of a raccoon would be the attic. It considers this place as warm and perfect to lay babies.

Raccoons are very intelligent little creatures. It is unbelievable how smartly they can climb, swim, open the latches and doorknobs, and run at a good speed. Typically, a raccoon eats crayfish, turtles, and snails; but the city life can only provide them with vegetable gardens, crops in the fields, and garbage cans. They are more than comfortable with this, as long as it’s an easy bet.

A raccoon inside the house can cause a lot of damage to the wire coverings and roof tiles. It can destroy the vegetables, fruits, corn farms, or any other plantation outside the house. It can also cause harm to the birds, their nests, and eggs in the backyard.

Trapping raccoons may not be a good and easy option. Moreover, they are smart to avoid captures.Even if you happen to catch one, you will not be able to drop it at any location, as it is illegal to remove the imprisoned animal to places other than the initial catch site. Only the certified wildlife specialists/trappers can do this task.

Besides this, raccoons are aggressive animals and can cause harm if concerned, usually mother raccoons with babies. They can attack anyone if they sense threat or danger. A raccoon bite can cause rabies, which can be fatal. No repellents work on the raccoons. It’s a kind of fun element here that the raccoons actually take a smell of the repellent and just move away doing their regular stuff.

If you take up the process of trapping a raccoon, it can cause harm to both of you. This should be left to experienced and professional animal handlers. No one would want to hurt the animals and their babies, if any. Moreover, your safety is also a priority.

# How about SQUIRRELS?

Squirrels mostly feed on nuts, seeds, plants, fungi, etc. Being very common in residential areas, they can have easy access to the yards and then the attics in the house. Though non-aggressive, they can also cause serious damage to the house. They can dig up the yard and chew the bark of trees. Inside the house, wood and electrical wires can be the target.

Similar to raccoons, mother squirrels are very protective about their young ones. If sensed threat or danger, they can attack others to safe-guard their children. Nets used to capture squirrels can cause harm to them. Hence, should be avoided. If you try to trap a squirrel and corner it, you may cause harm to yourself; any cornered animal, in danger, may attack. Squirrels bite can cut your skin even if you have gloves in your hand. Hence, take no chances.

It is a good thought to call the experts if you have squirrels in the house. One reason could be: trapping a squirrel could be an offensive act, as squirrels are contemplated as game in many states, and it requires special permission to catch them. Moreover, no chances should be taken with any wild life animal.

Similar would be the case with any other wild animal, be it rats, skunks, or bats. Hence, if you are disturbed by any wild animal, for the safety of your house and self, contact experts to remove these animals and their traces, so that your house is completely disinfected and bacteria free. Professionals have the right equipment and safety measures to remove wild animals from your house.Do not try and trap them. This could be dangerous for both – you and the animal.