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Spider Scares?

Having spiders on your property can no doubt be an unpleasant situation, for some even terrifying. These eight legged creatures are most widely recognized for their long 8 legged body, their eerie movement, beady eyes, fangs and their webs and are a continuous problem for people. Fears of infestation, biting and unsightly webs are what drive many to call for spider control services

How SOS Wildlife Control Can Help

SOS Wildlife Control has been providing effective and safe spider control services to Markham, Toronto, GTA and throughout areas of York Region. Our technicians are devoted to delivering the results you want through methods that ensures your safety as well as the safety of others. We strive to offer quick, convenient and effective solutions that you can trust.

Common Problems

  • Spider Bites and venom
  • Infestations
  • Unsightly webs left around house
  • Egg sacs and old skins left on property