Ways to Keep Raccoon Out of Your Garbage Bin


Keep Raccoons Away From Your Trash Cans

Raccoons might be furry and adorable, however, they can be dangerous pests. On the off chance that you find garbage strewn over your yard every morning means that you have a raccoon pulling down your trash cans in search of food. Smelly trash strewn everywhere in the garden, an unsanitary chaos, and an unattractive site to watch right in the morning. There are a few methodologies you can use to obstruct these devious creatures from making a mess in your garden area. By ensuring your trash can is properly closed, keeping your trash cans in a place that is out of reach, you can prevent your trash can from being vandalized.

Stage 1 – Secure Your Trash Cans

Raccoons eat both vegetables and meat as they are omnivores. As regular foragers, they are attracted to the disposed of foods in your full trash cans. Raccoons are extremely adroit, so they can without much of a stretch pry off a lid. To prevent this, ensure that your trash can lid is properly closed and tight. Hang the garbage bin on a wall, or store your bins in the garage to prevent them from gaining access.

Stage 2 – Raccoon Follows The Smell

Double pack your waste to reduce the smell, as the smell of the trash, acts as an agent that attracts the raccoons towards your trash cans. Two scents that raccoons find unsavory are smelling ammonia and mothballs. To discourage creatures from getting excessively close to your trash cans, pour a small amount of smelling ammonia on your waste, or spread mothballs around the outside of your trash cans.

Stage 3 – Scaring Off Raccoons

Raccoons are night time creatures, so they sneak around during the night. Motion detection lights or sprinklers that are actuated by a sensor can be a good remedy to keep raccoons of your territory.

Stage 4 – Raccoons Are Irritant To Dusty Paws

What irritates the raccoons are the feel of powder on its paws. So to keep away raccoons from your trash can’s you should sprinkle infant powder or even sand around your trash can.

Stage 5 – Never Approach a Raccoon

On the off chance that you have a raccoon issue, don’t attempt to catch the creature yourself. Raccoons have sharp teeth and claws, and they are strong animals that will attack when they feel debilitated. There is additionally a decent probability that the raccoon is sick or affected by rabies, which can make it considerably more aggressive. Call your nearby animal control office to deal with any persistent raccoon on your property.

Stage 6 – Raccoons are Clever

All of the techniques mentioned for preventing a raccoon can be powerful, yet don’t belittle the intelligence of this creature. Raccoons may, in the end, figure out a way to get around the snags that you have set up. To confuse the raccoon, it is a smart thought to frequently change your strategies