Bats are Considered as Being Rodents

Ontario 2017 Homeowner’s Guide to Bats Problems

Bat, a mammal commonly detested by all, deserves a careful understanding if not love. Present in eighteen indigenous forms, bats chiefly live in trees and caves. In modern surroundings, you might find them in barns, houses, tunnels, and bridges. Bat’s behavior varies as per the species. Some of the species, which live at high latitudes,[…]

raccoons in my yard

What To Do About Raccoons Digging Holes In your yard

What To Do About Raccoons Digging Holes In your yard   Raccoons alongside many other pests can be such a nuisance to homeowners and their lawns. Whether an animal is scavenging for food in the soil or simply searching for a new area to call its home, property damage is often a repercussion that many[…]

rabid raccoon

How To Stop Raccoons From Digging In Your Garbage

From the looks of things, raccoons are the innocent, fluffy and cute creatures we often see running around the neighborhood, city and streets. On the other hand, aside from their adorable looks, the black mask of fur that surrounds their eyes tells us another story. Raccoons can also be the clever, sneaky and thrifty troublemakers[…]