rabid raccoon

How To Stop Raccoons From Digging In Your Garbage

From the looks of things, raccoons are the innocent, fluffy and cute creatures we often see running around the neighborhood, city and streets. On the other hand, aside from their adorable looks, the black mask of fur that surrounds their eyes tells us another story. Raccoons can also be the clever, sneaky and thrifty troublemakers[…]

A Bat in a Cave

Bats in Markham? Hard to believe but it’s true.

Bats are magnificent animals that are often misunderstood. In addition to being the only mammals that are capable of flying, they also feed on a variety of insects that are bothersome to humans. However, many people tend to overlook the benefits that bats can bring and instead, concentrate on the numerous complications they may cause.[…]

Interesting Things To Know About Squirrels

From seeing them in movies to spotting them running around your own front lawn, everyone is familiar with the adorable little friends we call squirrels. These furry, funny and fantastic creatures are one of the most commonly found animals around the globe and the team at SOS Wildlife has few interesting facts that you should[…]