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SOS Wildlife Control Inc. has been serving people all over Aurora for a number of years helping residences, commercial and industrial areas solve their wildlife and pest control issues. Handling these issues and being in an industry that deals directly with various wildlife animals gives our technicians a responsibility to conduct and promote humane treatment of wildlife animals. This is especially true in cases where it’s considered a nuisance wildlife problem and some people take drastic measures.

SOS Wildlife Control believes that human-wildlife conflict can be solved effectively through humane solutions through methods preferring exclusion and prevention.

SOS Wildlife Control Provides

Aurora Raccoon Removal
Aurora Squirrel Removal
Aurora Skunk Removal
Aurora Bat Removal
Aurora Bird Removal
Aurora Opossum Removal
Aurora Groundhog Removal
Aurora Pest Control Services

If you are in Aurora and you are looking for wildlife and pest control assistance, give us a call today for humane, professional and effective solutions.

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